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Inspired Acoustic Music  -  32 years   6 Continents   14 CDs

Charley sings for New Thought groups and Spiritual gatherings all around the world. He uses his Music and Workshops as vehicles to connect us and reveal our innate Oneness. Charley has played his original songs as prelude to many of today's leading luminaries, including Wayne Dyer, Jean Houston, Joyce & Barry Vissell, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Marianne Williamson, Louise Hay, Alan Cohen, Donny Epstein & Anthony Robbins. Join thousands of others, and let Charley's recordings uplift your day and add this beautiful awakening energy into your life.

Come with me to Italy in October!
Assisi Spiritual Retreat w/ Joyce & Barry Vissell, Oct. 14 - 20, 2014
(See 2 added Italian Mini-Tours with Charley below)
Over the past 28 years I have co-led about about 60 retreats with my dear friends Barry & Joyce.
This will be our 5th annual retreat in Assisi, Italy, famous for being the home of St. Francis.  Each time has been mind blowing and even heart blowing.  Wow!  What an amazing time of openings and deep, deep peace. Plus I brought my guitar to several chapels and sacred sites, so we could all sing together.  Did I mention amazing?  It is.  So come be amazed and blessed with us this October.  It'll be a journey that lives in your heart forever.  Here's a link for more info: Experience the Magic in Assisi

Charley's Italian Mini-Tours: Oct. 5 - 14 & Oct. 13/14 + 20 - 28

And if you like, you can add
a fun tour of the highlights of Rome, Florence and Venice with me and about 10 other people.  I've been to these cities many times and love showing people around. This Mini-Tour came into being, when it occurred to me that some people coming to the Assisi retreat are coming to Italy for the first time ever.  (This will be my 47th time flying into Italy.)  It seemed a shame to have someone just come to Assisi and then go home.  So I invented Charley's Italian Mini-Tour.  I'll handle all the details, and you just get to enjoy the delights of Italy.  Please feel free to email me at or call me on my cell (831-239-3488) for more info if you are interested.