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You're An Angel

Charley Thweatt
Charley Thweatt


I was driving from Houston to Beaumont on November 14th, 1982. That was exactly 9 months to the day, after making a huge soul choice to leap into this music career full time. And I made that choice based on a deep realization that had happened 9 months earlier in Beaumont -- a sense that I MUST DO THIS! So here I was returning to the scene of the...awakening. Rosie Lovejoy, my dear friend and sweetheart at the time, was in the passenger seat. We were cruising at highway speed when she suddenly said she thought she saw an angel up in the clouds. One second later this song started coming out of my mouth, both melody and lyrics. More than any other song of mine, this one has gotten around the most, including being recorded onto CDs by several other groups. I consider You're An Angel to be a gift from God, like a newborn baby born 9 months after I planted a very important seed.

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